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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky) recently made comments inferring that the advancement of science coupled with a woman having the legal right to make reproductive decisions yields eugenics.  Really?  This is the kind of representation that we the people have in government?  This is what OUR voice is saying?  This is so off-base and such fabulous fodder for panicking ignorant masses that it’s hard to know where to begin.  Eugenics is not about science or medicine or abortion- it is a social disease.  People find X, Y, and/or Z traits unfavorable and opt to rout them out. Just because it’s borrowing pages from the works of Darwin and Mendel does not make it a case of science accelerating survival of the fittest.  The Wright Brothers were integral to flight but that does not make 9/11 their fault.  That was the destructive thought process of a radical few.  Same applies here.

Eugenics has historically reared its ugly head in society without any great scientific advancement to predicate it.  Ever hear of the Spartans or the Nazis?  What great scientific discovery prompted those programs?  Let me share a few fun facts on the timeline of American history, since I have a hard time just blindly believing Sen. Paul’s suppositions are valid.  The Eugenics Record Office was established in Long Island (in case you failed geography, that’s in the US) in 1910.  Watson and Crick, along with many other brilliant scientists around the world, were unraveling “the secret of life”- specifically the properties and structure of DNA- with great success in the 1960s.  Roe v. Wade recognized and set precedent to a woman’s right to choose in 1973.  By the 1970s, all eugenics projects in the US had been abandoned.  Is there a lot of other factors playing in to these dates and events?  Sure.  But, looking at the dates and the factors that Sen. Rand Paul is calling in to question…  Let me see if I have it.  Eugenics in the US?  Check.  Great big giant leaps in the advancement of science?  Check.  Legalized abortions?  Check.  HALTING of eugenics in accordance to said time frame?  Check.  Wait.  What?  To quote the movie Idiocracy “But the opposite you said.”